Robert Browne Miller (1975 - 2002)

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Rob was a Graphics Designer for Capital One in Richmond, VA at the time of his tragic death in December of 2002 from a latent heart defect that also claimed his mother's life 18 years earlier.  Prior to working for Capital One, he was Designer/Developer for The Sparc, Inc., a design firm he co-founded with Chris Coleman in Charlotte, NC, and before that he was Art Director for Global Custom Publications, Inc. in Kitty Hawk, NC.  His creativity could not be confined to the business day alone, however, and he spent nights and weekends exploring his artistic talents through drawing and painting.  His late work, which he liked to call digital illustration, involved scanning preliminary sketches into his Macintosh computer and refining the concepts using Adobe's Illustrator and Photoshop software.  (See his unfinished work called "Egg" for a glimpse into his technique.)  This choice of media is fortunate for his many fans as it is possible for his work to live on and continue to be a part of their lives.  His father, Martin, now makes available for purchase many of Rob's works printed from the original computer files with Epson's stable Ultrachrome inks.  Profits from these sales will be contributed to a scholarship fund founded by Rob's close friend, Dan Hoeck.  The scholarship will be awarded to a promising graphic design major at James Madison University, Rob's alma mater.  The domain name was registered by Rob in 2000 and adopted by his father in 2003.



Artist's Statement

Four days before his death, Rob had finished an artist's statement to be posted on  It is apparent from looking at the images in the galleries here that his thoughts were directed toward his most recent work.  The exact chronology of his images is impossible to establish because his files had been copied a number of times acquiring new date stamps in the process, however, an attempt has been made to place his most recent work in the first Gallery.  In any case, it will be clear which images are and are not consonant with his newly stated aims.  A number of unfinished works are included in his galleries; they are emblematic of his unfinished life, satisfying despite their lack of completion.  His artist's statement follows:


"My artwork presents a unique portrayal of the human experience by invoking retro-utopian ideals.  A stylistic blend of past eras and modern subject matter, detailed by contemporary lines and held fast with muted hues, instills the viewer with a sense of reflective serenity.  My goal is not simply to create decorative art but challenge the viewer's perceptions of the extraordinary and the mundane."

 - Rob Miller, December 5, 2002